About Molly Morales St Helena CA

1435122898_IMG_7545mmMolly Morales, CEO of HR Terroir in St. Helena, CA, leverages more than two decades of experience in organizational development and talent management to help Napa Valley vintners achieve sustainable growth. Since founding HR Terroir in 2006, Molly Morales has used her unique insight in the wine industry and her professional background in people development to address individual business challenges, improve organizational performance, and recruit top talent.

Her idea for HR Terroir was born when she realized that winemaking and people development entail a significant amount of metaphorical overlap. For instance, establishing an effective organizational design within a business is analogous to properly planting and trellising grapes in the wine industry.

Her previous work experience includes senior positions at a number of CA-based and international wineries. She most recently served as a Senior Human Resources Manager at the Treasury Wine Estates based out of St. Helena. A Cal/OSHA-certified professional, she also has a background in developing comprehensive safety training and risk management programs for large-scale workforces across multiple sites.

Morales received her bachelor of science in Business Administration and Human Resources Management from San Francisco State University. She also holds a Master of Science in Organizational Development from Golden Gate University.


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Founder and CEO of St. Helena, CA-based HR Terroir